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Awakening. Awaken to your genius. Awaken to your inner knowing. Awaken to your deepest desires.

Awakening was recorded at the end of a very long dark night of the soul. You know those times that move you to your knees and leaves you there for a while.

While deep in prayer and meditation these songs came about. A mixture of R&B and Kirtan. A mixture of defiance and gratitude. A mixture of genres that aren’t usually paired. A mixture of raw ethereal joy packaged in my heart. Musically the chanting was always with me but rarely did they accompany me out loud once the needle was dropped.

On Awakening, I dropped the needle on what was happening on a soul level and I take you on a journey into the caves of my musical background. Here you will find a some native american invocations, mixed with Hindu and Sikh influenced prayers dipped in a pool of R&B.