Grace marks Ezina’s sixth independent studio album and will feature nine new songs, along with her top single, “Wake Pray Meditate Slay.”

While it’s evident that world beats, Rock, R&B and funk grooves have always been an inspiration to her music, in Grace, Ezina explores various landscapes, both physical and emotional. MORE


Smooth moves and rockin’ grooves mark Ezina’s resurgence onto the airwaves and music scene with her latest release entitled Goddess.

Ezina delivers a voice with depth and power to transform any selection she performs to the next level. The niece of Rhythm and Blues legend Bobby Womack is a prolific songwriter and storyteller. MORE


On Awakening, I dropped the needle on what was happening on a soul level. Here you will find some Native American invocations, mixed with Hindu and Sikh influenced prayers dipped in a pool of R&B and Reggae.

For years, I kept these two worlds separate.  They were like two forbidden lovers who longed to be together.  MORE


Power of a woman is for every woman who has ever been in a relationship of any kind that didn’t measure up. A relationship where upset, disrespect and neglect were stuck on repeat. The pain so overbearing yet you continued to look back and recount the days, months or years you’ve invested in this relationship.

Power of A Woman was written and recorded after September 11, 2001. When those World Trade Center Towers came falling down, my world crashed along with it. All relationships in my life began to crumble. Marriage, false friendships and family frameworks came unhinged. MORE


During a visit to India, the seeds were planted for Surrender. Ezina discovered neurolinguistic programming and the hypnotic effects created by music. Driven and energized, Ezina began studying divine and sacred texts from different religions and while on her journey was introduced to Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Her deep dive into Buddhism, the ways of her native Choctaw and Cherokee ancestors, Christian, Hindu, Judaism, Kabbalah, Muslim, Sikh, Sufism, Santeria, and Wicca revealed to her the commonalities among all the major religions, and the importance of peace, kindness, and unconditional love. MORE


Ezina’s Debut Release “Tempted” was a huge success.

She toured the country with her band moving thousands of copies while she entertained audiences.

Being a Native American/African American Recording Artist Ezina refused to be categorized as an R&B artist due to the color of her skin.

Even though Ezina looks like your average B-girl as she steps up to the microphone and waits for a hush to settle over the room.  She sings loud because this is a woman who demands to be heard. MORE