Ezina In The Press

Serial Entrepreneur, Ezina Shares Her Experience as
Miss Black USA, Her Upcoming Album, and How She Plans to Empower Women!
She’s a woman of many hats. She’s a mother, a singer, songwriter, author and many more. But to us, she is the true definition of black girl magic.

Musician, Author & Filmmaker Ezina discusses upcoming projects

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Smashwords Interviews Ezina!

What do your fans mean to you?

My fans are everything to me. My fans are like my extended family. Whenever I share something they are always there to cheer me along. I love being able to connect with my fans through my weekly newsletter, on my podcast, and on social media. I love reading their comments, chatting with them and connecting heart to heart. Click Here To Read Full Article

Ezina Featured in American Express Open Forum!


“It’s important to set yourself up for success with your business by having tools and resources at your fingertips,” says Ezina LeBlanc, CEO of Ezina Omnimedia, Inc. and author of Make Money Now. “A business has many moving parts, and no one is an expert in all areas. So it’s important to establish relationships with mentors in the areas of finance, business management, and marketing.” Access to resources is everything Click To Read Full Article

Every morning, my Papa would get up and strap this little box to his arms and head while praying.

His prayers would often wake me from a deep sleep and, in the darkness of the morning, I would tiptoe and hide behind a chair and watch him rock back and forth as he prayed. At the time, I didn’t understand the purpose of his little black boxes with straps called Tefillin, but when Papa was deep in prayer, I knew not to interfere. He would finish his prayers, get dressed, and join my grandma for breakfast. The Tefillin was my favorite thing to sneak and touch when Papa wasn’t looking. I would take any opportunity to sneak into his room and get a closer look. Click To Read Full Article

Ezina is a bestselling author, TV personality, singer-songwriter, in-demand speaker, and founder and CEO of Victress Music & Publishing, the foremost authority on inspirational content for women.

Ezina uses her infectious energy to empower women to take control of their lives and pursue their passions without fear. Motivational, inspirational, and always approachable, Ezina’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude is a refreshing approach that allows her to authentically connect with millions of women around the world through her weekly podcast Guitar Goddess on iHeart Radio. Click To Read Full Article