Make Money Now

The content creation business appears to be extremely glamorous from the outside looking in.  It is easy to get caught up in the illusion of grandeur.  The endless endorsement videos, the huge fan lists, the fancy cars, the big mansions, the endless eye candy clamoring for your attention. What you don’t see is the organization and strategy necessary to turn your side hustle into your cash cow.

In Make Money now, I take you under the hood and behind the scenes to show you how the money is made. How to bust out a successful launch and how to build those cool 6 figure and 7 figure launches.


Grace is Ezina at her storytelling best, both as a seasoned singer/songwriter and a soulful writer of prose. Although both components stand alone as separate pieces of art– they are meant to be enjoyed together for a reason. When coupled, the book and CD give fans a deeper insight into their own transformation and the elevation of their own happiness. Meditation, Mantra, and chanting are tools that can be utilized to reduce stress and increase joy and it is Ezina’s hope to share these teachings with the world.

Awakening Your SoulStar

Waking up to our authentic selves inevitably involves some steps that many of us don’t want to take. Leaving behind deep-rooted beliefs, thought processes and even outdated relationships aren’t remotely easy, but all of us must spend some time in the dark corners of our souls in order to discover our true selves. 

In Awakening Your SoulStar we learn how to take off the mask that has been covering who we really are. We learn how to trust our intuition and how to use it as a guiding force in our lives. As we practice using our Soulstar, our intuition gets stronger and our comfort level with using it as our navigational system comes online. 

No Fear, No Doubt, No Worry, No Shame, No Regrets & No Excuses

When going after big goals in life, the mighty six have to be shut down. The thoughts that run through your head, the naysayers, haters, trolls, and saboteurs have to be silenced.

In No, Fear, No Doubt, No Worry, No Shame, No Regrets & No Excuses, I show you how to shut them all down one by one (with love and kindness) so you can take calculated risks and do what is necessary to achieve your goals.

Reiki For Rockstars

Success isn’t about luck or fate. It lies within. You attract what you are. If you truly believe you deserve to have what you want, you send out that vibration into the Universe and success will begin to flow into your life.

If you subconsciously believe that success is hard to come by or that it is only for a lucky few, you block the flow of it coming into your life. Blocks to success and happiness stem from deep-rooted beliefs about lack. Some of us may also have been conditioned to believe that we must struggle and work very hard to live prosperous lives. In Reiki For Rockstars, you will learn how to recalibrate your energy field so that you can allow success to flow to you.

Nail Your Book In Nine Days

Is writing a book on your bucket list?

If yes I would like to help you take your book from thought to the page. From the page to Amazon.

Many people ask me how I wrote and published so many books and here’s what I tell them– writing a book is not rocket science. But there is definitely a process for writing a book, whether it’s a good old-fashioned novel or an ebook.

In Nail Your Book in 9 Days, I not only show you my system, I should you how to make sure that your book is viable after you have written the last word.

Grow Your Star

Grow Your Star  is  for people who have a drive to become highly successful in their chosen field.

While everyone has different dreams and goals, they also possess their own soulstar, even if it appears to be hidden deep within.  Intellectual curiosity, holding grand visions, setting clear goals, practicing persistence, and other concepts included in this book are common traits among highly successful people.

This book contains a blueprint for you to grow your star, create success on your own terms and sustain and manage your soulstar. Combining your unique personality and emotional intelligence, you will stand out and make a difference in whatever area you choose to pursue.

Raw Food 101

You know that raw food is a great food choice. But does your imagination stall once you get past lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots, with maybe some dip?

We can help you with delicious raw food recipes for every day of the week.

Raw Food 101 contains fantastic recipes with ingredients you can get anywhere. The dishes are delicious and liked by raw foodist and non-raw foodists alike.

This book contains numerous recipes, from casseroles to chocolate cake.  Salads, pasta and even ice creams. Smoothies, superfood recipes, soups and vegetable juices. Raw Food 101 is a great book for people who want to start eating raw food or raw foodist who want to be inspired.

Simplstic Bliss

Simplistic Bliss contains tips and tools needed to learn meditation. Designed for a beginner, it guides you through all the important concepts and contains simple, practical techniques For mental balance, health, and longevity. These thousand year old practices are safe, natural and easy to learn and apply.

You will learn about different kinds of mediation, such as breathing, mantra and object meditation, and you will be given the tools to figure out which one is most suitable for you.

This book is a must-read for anyone curious about the art and science of meditation.

Surrender To Sadhana

Learn this age-old technique practiced by women and yogis from around the world who have learned to maximize their mornings.

In Surrender to Sadhana, Ezina introduces a simple, ancient powerful morning ritual that integrates mindfulness, meditation, and fitness. She then helps you build a practice that fits into every schedule.

Renovate your mornings by establishing a powerful daily routine that energizes your body and lifts your spirits.

New Blood From The Soul

We were all unearthing the New Blood from our Souls. Written mostly in New York where once upon a time I could gaze outside the window and view the World Trade Center Towers. I am still blown away by the events that I witnessed outside my window. So many wonderful souls, gone in one day. But in the spirit of their sacrifice, I pray that one day we will all heal from the horrors of that day and most importantly, that we never forget to tell the people close to us how much they mean to us and that we love them dearly.



Spirit Geek

I have always been a seeker. Maybe it’s because I was born on All Saints Day.

Perhaps it’s because my family was always bouncing from religion to religion and from church to temple.  No one in my family was ever satisfied and neither am I. I’m told I’m an old soul.

I find myself digging deeper into the esoteric looking for the reasons, hoping for answers to the questions of the universe and more importantly, how I can get out of the constant feeling that there is a huge elephant in the room that is being ignored.

HotGirl Diet

Have you looked at other fit women and wondered if they actually work at it or if they just have good genes? Does it affect your confidence? Do you scratch your head and wonder what you are missing? Do you secretly long to lose 10, 15, or 20 pounds? Are you tired of obsessing over your what you eat and the number on the scale?


Homegirl Returns To The Ghetto

A Homegirl Returns to the Ghetto (now available from Victress Publishing) is the poetic journey of one Native American/African American woman as she takes the journey of her life through a white male dominated society– from a child to an adult.