What Are You Creating?

What Are You Creating?


I know that you are amazing in so many ways.  Yet you choose subconsciously to hide your gifts from the world.  On some level, you desire to take center stage but the inner fear keeps you locked inside and hiding.

Stage fright keeps some of us from propelling and going to the next step.  Do know that there is a cure for this.  Sometimes it’s meditation, sometimes it’s a mantra, sometimes in dire cases, it’s homeopathy or medicinal remedies.

What’s important to know is that this is necessary and sharing your gifts are necessary to the advancement of the world.

Where would we be without Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince or the Beatles?  No one really knows for sure but we all have to admit that their music aided in the development of the world.

Where would we be without Michelangelo, Picasso, Van Gogh or Beethoven? Art shapes the world and your contribution is important.

For every artist who thinks that the road is too tough, I say to you, we want to see your art.  For every artist that feels that they can’t go on, know that we all need you.

We can’t go on if you don’t go on.  We can’t grow if you don’t grow.  I can’t sing if you don’t sing and we can’t dance if you don’t give us the music to dance to.

What’s going on right now is a lack of inspiration.  People need inspiration.  People need to see others out there braving the storm and pushing through limits.

Right now we are bombarded with Reality television which really isn’t quite a reality.  It’s fake scenarios designed to entertain you.  The issue is that people think that what they are seeing is real so they put themselves on a pedestal and say well at least my life isn’t that bad.  This dumbing down of society is a move backward and not forward.

Yes, it’s entertaining to watch someone else’s drama unfold on TV because it secretly gives others permission to not work in their own lives.  My famous saying is “stay in your own lane”.  Focus on you!  You are the most important person in this world.  No one can care for you the way that you can and should care for you.

We only have 24 hours in a day.  Use it to lift yourself up to the highest ring with love and grace.  Use it to grow and use it to inspire others.

There are people in the world who make 10 million dollars a day and there are people who make 10 cents per day.  We all need your art.

The infant learning to crawl needs your art, the cancer survivor needs your art, the struggling parent who can barely make ends meet needs your art.  The homeless person on the street needs your art.

Your art is the mechanism that beats your heart. Your art is a part of the collective heartbeat of the world.  Stay the course and get your art out there!


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