How A 40 Day Yoga Challenge Helps You Shift

A year ago I participated in a 40 day Yoga challenge lead by Gurmukh at Golden Bridge Yoga. At the time 40 days of consecutive kundalini yoga didn’t feel like a monumental task. Since I practice yoga daily, I erroneously thought I would fly by without too much trouble.

I could not have been more wrong. Doing a class on your own is not the same as doing a class with a teacher who is standing beside you and challenging you to stop whining and just do it. Pushing you to break through to the next level.

Attending the yoga class (an hour away in traffic) was the first challenge. Each day there were challenges on the road. The first day an accident, the next day a roadblock. As you can imagine this continued all 40 days. I am still shocked that I managed to arrive on time for every single class.

The same for my yoga practice. Each day was a roller coaster of emotions, flex points, and breakthroughs. Some days I would leave practice crying and other days I would leave in a ball of laughter. But I was growing. Emotionally. Spiritually and Physically. I was seeing aura’s clearer, My intuition was dead on and I was manifesting at far greater speed.

During this time, Gurmukh had given me a yoga assignment which required me to hold my hands up in the air like an airplane coming in for landing for 11 straight minutes. Sounds easy until the 4th minute comes. Then my arms ached and I couldn’t wait to get to the 11th minute. I would collapse into a ball once the 11 minutes were over, triumphant that I completed the assignment. By the 40th day, I didn’t even hear the timer go off. I was able to keep going for 16 minutes. Whoo-hoo!

Wanting to do a new challenge each year, this year I thought it would be fun to start a new 40-day challenge.

A 40 Day Book Challenge 

If you are an author or someone who has written a book on your bucket list now is your time! If you want to work with me to get your book done, join me on the 40 Day Book Challenge. Sign up here to receive more information on how to get started.

During the 40 days, we will dial in your ideas, produce your book, and at the end of the 40 days, your life will never be the same. #40bookchallenge

Join me!


40 Day meditation Challenge

Reset and reclaim your inner bliss

For 40 days you will receive one 10-minute meditation class per day, sent directly to your email and or cell phone. You'll get your bliss on for 40 days. All you need to get started is an email address or a cell phone to receive the texts and 10 minutes per day to recharge and release. 

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