5 Reasons You Should Join The 40 Day Meditation Challenge

Today is day one of the 40 Day Meditation Challenge.

I’m so excited to share that today I opened the doors to my 40 Day Meditation Challenge! . I decided to start the meditation challenge today because I feel that we need meditation now more than ever. As I scroll through the social channels and skim the headlines I am increasingly concerned for the mental health of our nation.

Most people appear to have temporarily lost their minds. I see page after page of trolls just being mean because they can do so almost anonymously. As much as I believe that social media can be a tool for good, I cannot turn a blind eye to the resurgence of nastiness I see on the webs.

At first, I was offended because I thought “how dare they?”, then I realized wait these people are exposing their illness, sadness and that their darkness and negativity is a desperate cry for help. Why else would someone get so worked up over politics or someone else’s opinion or what someone wears or says? Why are so many black people getting gunned down by the police?

It all boils down to mental health. If you have a stable mental capacity you make better judgments. If you are constantly living in the high-stress zone, constantly swinging back and forth between fight or flight, and your adrenals are shot, well, decision making starts to get a little wonky.

If you are unconsciously or consciously always competing against someone or something real or unreal, your decision making is toast. For example I have a client who loves to gamble. I mean on everything sports, celebrity marriages, deaths, weather, everything.

This person also loses a lot of money and time cheering for the win or nursing the losses. When I question them they make excuses about how its fun and it’s just a small amount of money. But the reality is, this person is emotionally drained, has very few friends, is ruining their marriage, their job, and is frying their adrenals for “fun”.

Stress is stress. The effect is the same regardless of if it’s fun stress or not. It still tears down the body and weakens the immune system, tears holes in your aura, and causes your chakras to spin backward.

So here are five reasons you should join the 40 day meditation challenge now.

  1. You Are Tired

    If you feel tired when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep you need to join the 40 day meditation challenge

  2. You feel a little worn down

    If you feel like COVID is getting the best of you and you just feel worn down, you need to join the 40 Day Meditation Challenge

  3. You Need A Vacation

    If you are like OMG I need a @#$% vacation, you need to join the 40 Day Meditation challenge. 10 minutes a day can recharge your batteries as much as a week vacation.

  4. You Feel Sad or Depressed

    If the issues of the world are starting to get to you and you are feeling more pessimistic than optimistic and you need to see the sun again, join me now.

  5. You Think Meditation Is Weird

    If you are on the fence and have been wanting to try meditation but you are afraid because you think its weird or that your friends will laugh at you, come a little closer babe, I’m here to help. Or if you think meditation won’t work for you, SIGN. UP. NOW. I got you. This practice is painless. Just try it for the first 7 days. If you aren’t starting to feel a little lighter or brighter, I will give you your money back.

    Rewire Your Brain

    Sign up now. 40 dollars for 40 days


40 Day meditation Challenge

Reset and reclaim your inner bliss

For 40 days you will receive one 10-minute meditation class per day, sent directly to your email and or cell phone. You'll get your bliss on for 40 days. All you need to get started is an email address or a cell phone to receive the texts and 10 minutes per day to recharge and release. 

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