Feel Good Now! 3 Meditation Methods To Manage Your Pain

Millions Of American’s Live With Chronic Pain

Anyone who has heard of the expression “mind over matter” will easily understand the benefit of developing a meditation practice for people suffering from different forms of physical pain. 

One article by Darrell Gaskin in The Journal of Pain estimated persistent pain to cost from $560 to $635 billion annually, far exceeding the price of other costly diagnoses such as cardiovascular disease, injury, and cancer. 

There are several meditation methods that can help alleviate a person’s physical discomfort.

walking a labrynth is a great concentration exercise


Meditation concentration techniques can help in easing persons suffering by keeping his/her mind away from the source of the pain. Usually, the pain is magnified because people choose to focus on it. If their attention is trained somewhere else, the pain becomes more manageable.


Another meditation method is called mindfulness. This involves being aware of your present condition and accepting it as such. If a person accepts that he/she is currently in pain, dealing with it would be much easier.


Then there ís visualization. It could be considered as a form of self-hypnosis. It is done by creating an image of the pain and imagining it moving away from the body.

As suggested by these methods, they do not actually take away the pain from the person. Rather, they make dealing with the pain much easier. This is also the reason why methods like those mentioned should also be coupled with proper medical advice. 

In fact,

consulting your doctor is advised before engaging in the meditation exercises. Otherwise, there could be a more serious condition that could be causing the pain. Along with the proper medical advice, meditation can help improve your tolerance for pain.

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