Chakra Meditation: A Beginners Guide

Your health is one of the most important things that you have to take care of. It is important to obtain the perfect body chemical balance in order to achieve optimal health. Learning to relax and control your emotions can also have a lasting effect on your health. 

Anger is poison

It amazes me that in wellness circles no one wants to discuss the elephant in the room. Anger is the elephant that contributes to a plethora of health issues and unhappiness. It is like poison, it causes stress and breaks the body and immune system down.

Anger uses the most energy and it causes the most damage to your health and wellbeing. Reducing and removing anger creates a child-like resilience that not only improves health but improves overall happiness and manifesting abilities. If you are experiencing habitual illness or disease, anger may be the culprit. 

I know that we are experiencing a global pandemic and there is a lot of fear and anger being broadcast everywhere. Immunity is the new currency and having a strong immune system is the only way to protect ourselves from the new batches of infectious diseases that seem to show up every year. Yes, diet and exercise are extremely important but we also need to work on our emotional body and I know no better way to achieve this than with meditation.

Most people are shallow breathers and when something distressing occurs usually go into what I call the panic breath. Meditation teaches you how to breathe deep into the belly so that you can move the emotion out of the body instead of it getting stuck in the heart chakra. 

Meditation for Balance

Today, many people are participating in different kinds of meditation in order to balance their emotions and spirit. With a regular meditation practice, you will be able to relax and effectively control your emotions, especially anger. By not wasting precious energy being angry, you will have positive energy stores that can be useful in diffusing the normal stresses of everyday life. 

If you are experiencing emotional issues, have difficulty relaxing, sleeping, or you simply want to experience oneness with yourself, give chakra meditation a try.

Chakra meditation

Chakra meditation is gaining popularity because of the resulting health benefits one receives from practicing. Not only will you have better health, but you will also live a happier life. I love chakra meditation because it is so complete. It addresses the complete body from head to toe. When you have a nagging issue, using a Chakra meditation practice coupled with Reiki can do wonders. 

There are seven major chakras found in your body. These chakras are considered to be a very important part of your body that needs to be balanced in order to promote good health. 

The 7 Chakras

The seven chakras are Sahasrara (crown), Vishudda (between brows), Ajna(throat), Anahata (heart), Manipura (navel), Svadisthana (sacral), and Muladhara (root). Knowing how to open up your seven chakras allows you to clear them in order to obtain spiritual balance and good physical health.

When you meditate imagine a spinning colorful light in the color associated with each chakra. Start from Muladhara and work your way up to Sahasrara.

Shasrara (crown) is Violet

Ajna (brows) is Indigo Blue

Vishudda (throat) is Pale Blue

Anahata (heart) is Emerald Green

Manipura (navel) is Golden Yellow

Svadisthana (sacral) is Orange

Muladhara (root) is Red

Chakra Meditation Guide

Learning Chakra meditation is easy and anyone can do it. All you need is a quiet location, 30 minutes of uninterrupted time, and a little bit of imagination. To get you started, I’ve recorded a chakra meditation for you below. I look forward to connecting with you on the mat. 

Sat Nam,


To find more guided meditations, please go to my Meditation page.


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