Complaining Detox

Complaining Detox

by Ezina


Today I caught myself, griping about one thing or another. Nothing important but important enough to complain about. I started laughing because I thought what if I never complained again? What would my life look like if I never complained? What would my life look like if I were able to see the light in every dark corner and find the joy in every moment?

I started thinking about my late aunt Brenda Hargrove Moore. She was a wonderful example of someone who never complained. She was a beautiful woman who was soft spoken and when she did speak it was as if sugar were coming out of her soul. Not that she was a pushover. She could be very firm when necessary but never without love or compassion.

I wanted to be like her but the ability to hold my tongue was weak. Over the years I have worked hard to exercise my tongue by speaking words of praise, joy, and gratitude but sometimes my weak tongue doesn’t always work the way that I wish.

For example, earlier today I was faced with a situation that I felt was out of line. Instead of talking about it, I sent an email. As soon as I pressed the send button, I wanted to recall that email back to me. Not that I was nasty in the email, just that I could have been more kind and used a more compassionate tone. In my haste to empty my email…( I have 6779 emails in my inbox right now), I fired off a quick email without thinking it through. It was a request from a friend for a loan. I get these requests all the time. Usually starting in November and not ending until Tax Returns or vacation checks run out. Usually around the end of May. My heart aches because I really wish that I could help everyone but I can’t.

For whatever reason, I started thinking about why it happened today. Why am I getting this lesson AGAIN? Then it dawned on me that I needed to go on a criticism diet. No complaints about anything. No judgment about anyone or anything! This is the best way that I can honor my late Aunt’s legacy. To see the good in everything and everyone and no more complaining about anything including the weather. Because complaining is really about fear. Fear of loss. Fear of losing something or someone.

As some of you know I am writing a book about living a fearless life and you really have to be fearless to not complain or gossip. So in taking my own advice, I am putting myself on a criticism diet. I am going to start with one day, then one week, then one month and continue building until I am complete. I have already gone 1 hour. Let’s see if I can keep it up. It is sometimes challenging to go against the grain but I think that I am up for the challenge.

Join me on a 30 day journey of 30 days without criticism. Let’s see what positivity we can create with that energy.


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