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Many people go through life feeling lost, afraid, anxious, angry, depressed, and confused. Some are confined by negative thoughts, living out their lives unsure of who they are, or what their purpose is.

In Ezina's new book GRACE, she shares methods of how to use meditation, mantras and movement to listen to your body's wisdom and experience life through the infinite wisdom of love; accept your authentic self and achieve higher vibrational states of awareness and intelligence.



Los Angeles,CA — September 6, 2017– Today, world music artist Ezina announces her newest project–a CD/book combo titled Grace to be released on September 9. The collection of inspirational stories and lessons learned on her spiritual journey will be Ezina’s tenth print publication. The record Grace marks Ezina’s sixth independent studio album and will feature nine new songs, along with a special re-recording of her top single, “Wake Pray Meditate Slay.”

The beauty of this CD/book combo lives within Ezina’s yoga and meditation practice which not only further expands the meaning behind Ezina’s songs, but gives the reader a look at the thought process behind her songwriting. “For me, the goal of writing is always to inspire someone so that they can see and feel their true essence. To see their own soulstar and share their superpowers. More than just rhyming or presenting a mantra in a melodic way, I try to express a part of the human condition that can make someone want to stand up and shine a light on their gifts. ”

Grace is Ezina at her storytelling best, both as a singer-songwriter and as a soulful writer of prose. Although both components stand alone as separate pieces of art– they are meant to be enjoyed together for a reason. When coupled, the book and CD give fans a deeper insight into their own transformation and the elevation of their own happiness. Meditation, Mantra and chanting are tools that can be utilized to reduce stress and increase joy and it is Ezina’s hope to share these teachings with the world.