What Does It Mean To Balance Your Chakras and How To Do It

What Does Balancing Your Chakras Really Mean?

This month I have been blabbering on about Chakras and it appears to me that I have lost some of you, so let me back it up buttercup. 

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. A series of 7 chakras, or vigor centers. These vigor centers are believed to be placed at particular points between the pedestal of the spinal column and the top of the skull.

Some esoteric systems include additional chakras, said to extend beyond the tangible consistency into the human auric field. Each chakra is believed to relate to particular organs, ailments, colors, elements, and emotions. 

Chakra locations
The 7 Chakras and their locations

The chakra system plays a key role in two ancient healing systems (ayurvedic medicine and yoga).

In recent decades, however, many modern therapies (like polarity therapy, therapeutic touch, process acupressure, core energetics, and semblance therapy) also incorporate the idea of chakras into their own visions of healing.

Chakras are believed to promote wellness by maximizing the stream of energy in the organic structure, much as a tune-up enables a car to operate at peak efficiency.

These traditions were handed down orally for thousands of years before being codified by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, several centuries before Christ. The ancient healing science of Ayurveda is a collection of scriptures known as vedas (a Sanskrit word meaning knowledge or wisdom).

Balancing chakras play a key role in yoga
The concept of chakras play a key role in Ayurvedic medicine and yoga

Ayurveda literally means “life knowledge.” It remained the predominant form of care in India until the British colonial government tried to suppress it during the nineteenth century. Over the last half-century, however, a modernized form has gained considerable popularity in India. 

More recently, the idea of balancing the chakras has been popularized in the West by such high-profile advocates as Deepak Chopra. Balancing the chakras is believed to promote general well-being by ensuring the free flowing of life force (also known as prana or qi) throughout the physical body.

It is believed that blockages in the Chakra current will eventually result in mental, emotional, and/or physical illness. By removing such blockages and excess waste, practitioners are said to enable a feeble body, mind, and spirit to function optimally.

Some alternative practitioners, such as medical intuitives, say they can “read” a patient’s chakras to detect imbalances and diagnose problems. This is usually done with a pendulum. Just as various forms of yoga attempt to mediate between the upper and lower spiritual realms, so too the chakras are believed to maneuver as energetic transformers. They are often shown as circles, spaced at intervals along the vertebral column, or sometimes as funnels of Energy. 

Specific chants or sounds for the different chakras are used in some yogic meditation practices as tools for healing and spiritual evolution. Each of the VII chakras is said to respond to physiological and metaphysical functions that relate to both the nature of the blockages and to the active problems they produce. 

Meditation can assist in balancing chakras
Chants for chakras are used in some yogic meditation

A healthy person’s chakras spin in a perfect circle.

An ill person’s chakras spin in an oval and sometimes they even spin backward. The idea of balancing them has nothing to do with weight or leverage and everything to do with health. So whenever you hear “balance your chakras” it just means that you need to do some deep physical, spiritual and mental housekeeping so that the ailments you are presenting don’t turn into a disease. 

Now before you go searching for a laundry list of aches and pains, just start noticing one chakra at a time and remember that words have power. If you say you are sick and tired, you will bring that energetic vibration into your chakras which could have a negative effect on your overall wellness. Breathe. Watch your speech, brush your teeth,  call your Mother, and clean your chakras daily. 

As always, shine bright, the world needs your beautiful light!

Sat Nam,


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