Understanding How To Work With Chakra Rolling Stones

Chakra’s love rolling stones. Wherever you lay your stone will be home and when you smile you will go into the zone🎤 (sang to the tune of Papa was A Rolling Stone 🎹 🎼 🎧), lol. I couldn’t resist. 

Hello and welcome back.

This month we are talking all about the chakras. We have discussed what they are and how to breathe into them and release the pressure we put on them. 

Yesterday we talked about the best oil mixes for chakra care and today we are going to discuss what stones they vibe with. The chakras are spirals of energy and they rotate and vibe in specific orbits. When we feel dis-ease in one area, the corresponding chakra is where you should go first for to relieve the imbalance.

Healing benefits of crystals
Crystals and certain stones can have healing effects

Chakras are spirals of energy that rotate in specific orbits. 

They should spin clockwise and in a perfect circle. They also help in removing old wasted energies from the body. But, when one is out of alignment, the body can quickly break down or get sick.   Some chakras will be tilted or even spinning backward depending on how sick you are.    

Feel into the area which is causing the most annoyance.  For instance, if you have a sore throat, is there some truth you are not communicating that you really need to?  A Reiki treatment can help but if you don’t have access to a Reiki healer you are going to have to heal yourself. 

Meditation flow and colors.
Chakra meditation

Lets go chakra by chakra and discuss which stones can bring you relief. 

1st Chakra:  Root

  • Location:  Base of spine
  • Sense:  Smell
  • Element:  Earth
  • Stones:  Black onyx, Hematite, Carnelian, Garnet
  • Color:  Red or black
  • Sound:  Do
  • Musical Note:  C
  • Functions:  Life force, Instincts, survival

Straight talk, this Chakra is the bomb dot com. If this one is out of whack you are screwed. Always, always take care of your root chakra. Keep it lined up and sorted. This is the location of your source energy. Take back aches seriously. If you get a backache get a stone massage, or put stones on your back, lay on top of stones on your bed or on the floor, use your oil and breathe into this space til it’s clear. 

2nd Chakra:  Sacral

  • Location:  Underneath the ribcage
  • Sense:  Taste
  • Element:  Water
  • Stones:  Orange agate, Red jasper
  • Color:  Orange
  • Sound:  Re
  • Musical note:  D
  • Functions:  Procreation, sexuality

Ladies, if you are having issues with your period or fertility issues, work on your sacral chakra, drink lots of water,  tone the musical note D, wear orange panties, use agate or red jasper yoni eggs, spend some time practicing pigeon pose. Keep your sacral chakra snatched. 

3rd Chakra:  Solar Plexus

  • Location:  Middle abdomen area
  • Sense:  Sight
  • Element:  Fire
  • Stones:  Tiger’s eye, Citrine, Yellow stones
  • Sound:  Mi
  • Musical Note:  E
  • Functions:  Metabolizing food, emotions, and sympathetic nervous system

Aren’t we all dealing with this one right now? Get your yellow bras out Ladies, line them with citrine or tigers eye. Tone the note E and yes it’s all about the Mi, Mi, Mi. So take care of you, you, you. Schedule in down time. NOW. Say No to at least 5 people right now. Put your phone on do not disturb. Better yet, put a vacation message on your voicemail and an out of office on your email. Carve out some time for you. We are all powerful doing way too much shit. Saying yes to too many people when we really want to say HELL NO. If you need a permission slip, here it is. You may not do anymore work til your solar plexus chakra is shining and is sexy AF. You’re welcome.

4th chakra:  Heart

  • Location:  Center of the chest
  • Sense:  Touch
  • Element:  Air
  • Stones:  Jade, Rose quartz
  • Color:  Green or pink
  • Sound:  Fa
  • Musical note:  F
  • Functions:  Circulating the life blood for energy

OMG, I love you too, and you and you. This one gets all the hippies in trouble. New hippies, old hippies doesn’t matter. Ganja not required. We love everybody but ourselves. We put everyone first, leaving very little time or energy for ourselves. Stop it! I’m looking in the mirror telling myself this too! Don’t judge. I literally have taped rose quartz to my heart, maybe you should try it.

The note for the heart chakra is F. I find that amazing as it also stands for forgiveness, and the tone is Fa. I sometimes add a “k” at the end. Forgive me. Let’s move ourselves to the top of the love pyramid, shall we? You can’t give what you can’t receive. Love You!

The color blue is associated with the throat chakra.
Choose stones that are associated with your chakra that needs relief

5th Chakra:  Throat

  • Location:  Throat area of neck
  • Sense:  Hearing
  • Element:  Ether
  • Stones:  Lapis lazuli, Turquoise
  • Color:  Sky blue
  • Sound:  So
  • Musical note:  G
  • Functions:  Communication

This chakra needs a rest. Even if I never met you I already know that this one is overworked. Between the pandemic, Brexit, The Black Lives Movement, The elections, The Royal family… The throat chakra is the first line of defense and is always working.  Let’s all chant So right now. Sounds like Sooooooooo. Keep a piece of turquoise or lapis lazuli on a necklace next to your nightstand and put it on each night. Let the stone do it’s healing work on you while you sleep. Shhhhh. Relax. Non-negotiable, you need this. 

6th Chakra:  Brow

  • Location:  Between the eyes
  • Sense:  All the senses including psychic ability
  • Element:  Light
  • Stones:  Amethyst, Moonstone
  • Color:  Purple
  • Sound:  La
  • Musical Note:  A
  • Functions:  Vision, Imagination, Concentration

Even with Botox I can see that you are stretching and straining that space between your eyes trying to sort stuff out. Stop it. As Florence Scovel Shin says, “Give your burdens to the Christ within and go free.” Intuit and Trust is all you need. You have the intuition to guide you wherever you need to go and if you trust your gut you will always come out on top. Tone with me now. La, la, la, la laaaaaaaa. 

Different stones are associates with the various chakras.
Different stones are associated with various chakras.

7th Chakra:  Crown

  • Location:  Top of head at the crown
  • Sense:  All senses including consciousness
  • Element:  Will
  • Stones:  Moonstone, Clear quartz, Amethyst
  • Sound:  Ti
  • Musical Note:  B
  • Functions:  Upper brain functions

Allow the universal flow into your crown chakra. Connect regularly. Shoot energy out of the top of your head to the heavens. Get your moonstone on. Put amethyst behind your pillow and on the headrest in your car. Put quartz on your headboard. Keep this channel on at all times. Its the one you want to be crystal clear. It’s the crystalline antennae to higher consciousness. The note is B. The tone is Tiiiiiiiiiiiii. Get it!

As always shine your light the world needs your beautiful light!

Sat Nam!!!!!


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